• full credit for the project title goes to ROBO EARTHLING, my childhood best friend. I have long said that he is the Huck fuckin’ Finn of the 20th century, and when he came up with this gem he proved it again. ALL HAIL ROBO EARTLING and submit to his commandment of universal love
  • the flattering, spectacular landing page illustration of my haggard muggurd was done by MARKopalypse, ROBO EATHLING’S cousin. The three of us grew weird together (well, we were born weird, so we grew weirder together) as we fended off all attempts to make normaloids of us. ALL HAIL MARKopalypse, and submit to his wish that all the Earth’s animals be protected from all forms of human terrorism

If it should come to pass that this is the end of humanity, I”m goin’ down like short-busser on hippie crack in a hall of funhouse mirrors.

A thousand years from now, I want some aliens to find this site, as they comb through the debris of our species. When they do, I want them to report back to their mothership, “Check it out! This fucker died laughing!”

Making it up as I go along, I will attempt to keep people laughing through the madness that is unfolding around the word.

Gallows humour is essential when necks are in nooses, graves are being dug, and pyres burning through each and every night.

I hear people saying they want things to return to normal ASAP. I aim not one of them.

The CORONAVIRUS pandemic presents us with an opportunity to shift paradigms. If you think the world was just fine before everyone became aware of the existence of the city of Wuhan, you are devoid of intelligence, or compassion, or both.

As this literary experiment barrels along, I will throw out a number of game changing ideas about how the world can be better re-ordered, if and when a solution (vaccine/cure) is found for the virus. I am weaving into the story a number of innovative new biz ideas that could/should help us end the age of crony capitalism and enter into a new era of CAPITALISM WITH A HUMAN FACE.

One of those ideas, COMMONWEALTH, can end the stranglehold that the likes of Amazon, Apple, Spotify et al. have on artists who work in the digital realm. A second, COMMON LAW, can finally unleash Adam Smith’s invisible hand on the legal INDUSTRY, and move us one giant leap closer to the promise of JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Discerning readers will pick up on all sorts of ideas that can help us create a better world in the post-CORONA epoch, and I invite one and all to have a go at realizing these dreams. If you are inclined to take a stab at achieving what I have not been able to with my dreams, feel free to drop me a line, and I will be  happy to discuss things. But let me make it clear – I am giving al these ideas away. So long as no one tries to copy/paste this tale and cash in on it (hard to imagine, as I am giving it away, but you just never know what some greedy fuckers will try) every idea in here is available free of charge.

As it always has been, there will be people actively angling to seize this opportunity to benefit themselves. Truth be told, I am one of them.  But I will not do so at the expense of others.

This project will solicit funds, but I will not stick my begging bowl into your inbox. There is a begging bowl at the bottom of this missive. It comes n the form of an offer to buy my book, THE RIFF n RAFF REBELLIONS VOLUME 1.

The people who run the world want very much to protect their positions. I will not exchange my walk-on part in this war for a lead role in their cage.

For the moment, at least, I will not allow comments on the site. I have no desire to deal with a perpetual invasion of spambots and haters.

If you like what you read, or if you hate what you read, tell someone else, via other platforms and/or mediums.

Good luck to y’all.



If you would like to cough up some money and throw it at me as a gesture of appreciation,


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