How had she been able to reach inside Gotcha’s mind, is what Kitty Kaboodle was contemplating as she ambled out the doors of the Chateau Laurier, and onto Wellington Street. Why had she not been able to reach inside Pinky’s mind, or even the mind of the desk clerk at the hotel?

The best she could come up with was that it had something to do with the bear hug she had given VoV, several hours before meeting the international dealer of shade, the previous night.

Somehow, she reasoned, the creature that had escaped the darkness had endowed her with a degree of telepathy. That would explain how she was dead certain that Gotcha was lying to her, when he claimed he’d bought his fake Rolex in Geneva; he was speaking a lie, while thinking the truth. But it was more than telepathy, because Gotcha was not thinking about his vintage wine scam, when she extracted that information from his brain.

If VoV had bestowed upon her a power, why did it work only on Gotcha? VoV came from the dark, so maybe Gotcha, too, was a creature of the dark? Was he not human? Half human?

And how the Hell was she able to know what Pinky and Gotcha were going to say, before they said it, at least until she smashed Gotcha’s fake Rolex?

“What the Hell did you do to me, VoV?” she yelled, hoping the creature would materialize, but not expecting her to. VoV did not, in fact, materialize.

Did the King of Horror have something to do with it, she wondered, as she passed Parliament hill. She was transforming into the kind of character a reader would expect to find in one of his novels, after all.

Whatever was going on inside her, Kitty was not afraid of it, or even bothered by it. To the contrary, she was excited by it.

She did wonder if she would, eventually, mutate so much that she was no longer human, nor care much for humans, but even that did not bother her, in the least. She knew, deep down inside her she knew this was all part of something much bigger.

She also knew that whatever was happening to her, no matter how weird it all got, Lance would be by her side. Whether the boy who would be King would also mutate, she did not know, but it stood the reason that he would. Otherwise, he would reject her, at some point, and that was never going to happen.

Margot would have something important to say on the matter, especially if she could meet VoV, and reach inside of her. But there was no need to contact Thunder Babe, at the moment, so Kitty cleared her mind of it all.

Kitty’s tranquility was short lived. Once again, she heard the shrieks of Justicia. Once again, in her mind, she saw a pack of filthy lawyers raping her. This time the vile, degenerate swine were simultaneously savaging her twin sister, Veritas.

But this time she could not quit the vision, which got louder, and more gruesome with every step she took.

She followed the direction of the aural onslaught she was experiencing, which continued to grow louder, and louder, until she found herself in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Of a sudden, the violent hysteria ceased.

Kitty walked to the stairs of the court, and stood directly between the statues of the sisters Justicia and Veritas.

When a security guard started coming through the front doors, Kitty froze him, in mid stride, without so much as a wave of her hand, or a blink of her eyes.

With the mid-day sun shining down on her, Kitty stood and listened to every word the sisters had to say to her, for a half hour.

When the twins fell into silence, Kitty raised both her hands in the Vulcan salute. “I understand. Live long and prosper, sisters. Live long and prosper… and do watch over me, as I strive to do your bidding.”

Then, remembering she was in Canada, Kitty added, “Please and thank you,” with a silly smile.

The girl got as far as the Wellington Street sidewalk before she remembered the security guard. She turned, and purely for affect, waved her hand in his direction.

She laughed out loud when he reanimated, looked to his rigt, then to his left. It was obvious the man was thoroughly befuddled. In her mind, Kitty heard him thinking, “Duh, which way did she go? Which way did she go?”




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