It was not until she was once again in the hub that Kitty realized that walking into Valhalla, to look for Daisy, was not a good idea. She and the other Americans were supposed to be on Pie Island, ten kilometers from Thunder Bay’s harbour. That was the story that Margot and/or the Staals were to tell Daisy, if they encountered her when they returned to Valhalla, which surely they had.

But there was no harm in taking a boo into the hotel’s dining room, so she did. Seeing no sign of the strange girl at Valhalla, Kitty took the tunnel to Anarchia on Candy Mountain, where she found Margot flat on her back, staring into the stars, beside a roaring fire.

Not bothering to tell Margot about her encounter and discussion with VoV, for that was not immediately pressing, Kitty told the guru about the bizarre Daisy phone call carnival.

The two went into the house. Margot called Valhalla, and was told that Daisy was gone for the night. She called Daisy’s cell, but it didn’t even ring. Margot’s son had no idea where the girl was, but made a few calls, and discovered that she had scored some acid, and some DMT, earlier.

Simple probability dictated that she was more likely to be found at home, than any other particular location, so Margot headed out the door, telling Kitty to call her in twenty minutes. “If I refuse the call, it means I’ve found her, and she’s fine.”

Daisy did not answer their knocks until Margot announced herself. As soon as Daisy opened the door she smiled and asked, “To what do I owe the pleasure of you esteemed company?”

Relieved that Daisy wasn’t out of her mind, Margot returned the smile, and answered, “Well, girl, I had a premonition. I don’t know where it came from, but something was telling me you were in some sort of distress.”

“Distress? Really? Oh, no, Miss Margot, I am not distressed at all. In fact, I’ve never felt better.”

Laughing, Margot said, “You’re high as fuck, Daisy!”

“I am high as fuckity fuck, Miss Margot, pardon my French!”

“What are you tripping on?”

“Acid! Nice, really clean acid. I smoked some DMT a while ago, but that doesn’t last, so when I came down, I dropped five tabs.”

“Interesting. I’ve never done DMT. What’s it like?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s kinda like acid, but kinda not. Words can’t really describe it, kinda like acid, or an orgasm. It was really trippy. I had visions of Hitler in a tutu. Thousands of him. Dancing. Maybe Swan Lake, I guess, but that’s just ‘cause it’s the only ballet I know the name of.”

“You sure it wasn’t the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies?” Margot laughed.

“Oh, you know what? It was! It was the Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies! How the fuck did you know that, Miss Margot? pardon my French.  Are you inside my head?”

Margot’s phone rang, and she quickly refused the call.

“You didn’t wanna answer that?” Daisy asked. “It might have been me calling.”

“What do you men, Daisy?” Margot wanted to know.

“Oh, nothing, I’m just being silly. But I was trying to call Miss Kitty, with my mind, when I was tripping on DMT. Dimitri is good for that kinda thing. It makes you kinda… clairvoyant? Or telepathethic. Or somethin’. It just connects you with the universe, and everyone and everything in it.”

“That’s fascinating, Daisy. Why were you trying to call Kitty?”

“Oh, Miss Margot, I just love her so much! And I saw her face, and I’m a believer! I saw her face a million times. She always looked different, but it was always her, and she was beautiful. She was every colour, and every flavour of beautiful. I just wanted to call her, to tell her how much I love her.”

That’s beautiful, Daisy. I know she loves you, too.”

“Really? Do you think so, for true? ‘Cause I think so, too!”

“Yes, Daisy, I believe it to be true, because Kitty loves everyone.”

“She does, doesn’t she? But she loves some of us more than others. Like Madonna. I don’t think Miss Kitty loves Madonna as much as she loves me and you.”

“You may be rigt, Daisy. You may be rigt. Hey, were you listening to music when you were tripping on DMT?”

Daisy thought about it, and answered, “Yeah, I was. Why?”

“What were you listening to?”

“Just some random psychedelic channel on Youtube.”

“Old stuff? New stuff?”

“Yes. Both.”

“Was there any Stones on the channel?”

“Maybe. Yeah, I think so. Wait. Yeah, there was.” Daisy sang, “It’ so very lonely, I’m ten thousand light years from home.”

Margot grinned, and corrected her, “Two thousand. Two thousand light years from home. It’s one of my faves.”

Daisy laughed, “It may be one of your faves, Miss Margot, but I don’t care what Mick says, I was ten thousand light years from home.”




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