“Why are you here, VoV?” Kitty wanted to know. “I mean rigt here, rigt now. Am I in danger?”

“You have already decided that Gotcha could be an existential threat to you. Stephen, too.”

“Am I wrong to do so?”

“I do not think so you are wrong. That is to say, they could be, not that they are.  Proceeding with caution is prudent.”

“Can you detect evil in either of them?”

“I can detect evil even in you, Kitty,” VoV stated. “As can any evil entity, and that allows them to attach themselves to you, to infest your goodness. It is true of all humans. There is always an inner battle between good and evil for your species.”

Not inclined to argue against the truth spoken by VoV, Kitty asked, “Are you capable of doing a threat assessment of them?”

“I am. But evil can pounce on the unsuspecting in a flash. If an evil entity spots a chink in the armour of a saint, or even an angel, it can and will lunge for it. If it gets in, and is not detected and slain instantly, it can wreak havoc. Both of them have spent plenty of time in the dark. They have stared into the void, and the void has stared back, searching for chinks.”

“Mothers murdering their own children.”

“Yes, that is an extreme example,” VoV confirmed.

“Every time you hear about a serial killer, someone who kinda sorta knew him says, ‘He seemed like a nice, quiet, harmless guy.’”

“And he likely was. But in most cases, I would suspect that some form of evil entity had been gnawing away at him for a prolonged period of time. Water running over a stone, or building up behind a dam, searching for a structural flaw upon which to exert pressure, manufacturing a crack. Eventually, the dam explodes, evil is done, a new dam is built. The mild mannered milkman reverts to being a mild mannered milkman, the battle continues, and the story repeats.”

Kitty started pacing, back and forth, contemplating what the creature from the dark was telling her. “Are you here, rigt here, rigt now, to protect them from me?”

“I am here to protect you from yourself, Kitty. I am here to protect you all from each other. To protect you all from evil.”


“I watched you creating those doors on Parliament Hill. I thought it a wise move. But the manner in which you went about the task was obsessive, and that was worrisome to me. Your prudence could manifest into a crack. If even a whisp of evil gets into that crack, it can work on you, until you start to fantasize about what you will do, if you sense imminent danger tonight.”

“And I could let evil in, and evil will do evil things.”

“Evil can and will do evil things to innocent people. In this particular case, to you and your potential victims. But it doesn’t need t be that dramatic. If your mind is wrong, it will search for evidence to support its fear. You will be sifting through every word that is said, looking for signs. In doing so, you may fail to understand what is really being said. Much of what will be said may be of no great import. As you say, nothing matters, so that is undoubtedly the case. But what is said could be of great import to the success of your mission, which has only now started to be truly defined, and partially understood.

“I am here, rigt here, rigt now, to afford you the peace of mind required to concentrate on your parlez tonight, secure in the knowledge that I will intervene if evil is a clear and present danger.”


VoV repeated the question, “Why?”

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

“I do not know, for sure, but I suspect it has something to do with love.”

Kitty liked that answer. At the same time, Kitty did not like that answer, for it was exactly the kind of thing an evil trickster from the dark would say to create an advantage for itself, but she chose not to mention that to VoV.




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