VoV did not return Kitty’s bear hug. Feeling no response from VoV, sensing no reciprocity, Kitty grew frustrated after about a minute, and broke the embrace.

VoV sensed her disappointment, and attempted to explain. “Here’s what you must understand about me, Kitty. Having come from darkness, I know negative emotions, the whole spectrum of them, very well. So, I sense your abject disappointment in being unable to project your love into me. However, there is nothing I can do about my imperviousness to positive emotions. I am aware of them, as humans are aware of the vacuum that it space, but I cannot breathe them in, just as you cannot breathe in space.”

Kitty deliberated VoV’s assertion for no more than a few seconds, before rejecting it. “You’re wrong, VoV. Positive emotions may be strange to you, but they are not completely alien. In fact, you are projecting positive emotions rigt now.”

“Am I?” VoV asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yes, you are. You are demonstrating empathy. You sensed my disappointment, and your instinctive reaction was to attempt to comfort me, by explaining, by saying that the failure to connect, via love, was your fault, not mine. That’s empathy.

“There are millions, probably hundreds of millions of humans who suffer from a similar disability. Those who received precious little love in their childhoods simply have no idea of how to let others love them.. Nor do they know how to love themselves

“Fascinating observation, and conclusion,” VoV replied.”

“It has to be true. If it were not so, if you were totally unable to love, you would never have left the darkness searching for it. As you say, Stephen created you, yes from imagination, but also from love. If you did not have an iota of love in you, you would have stayed in the void, or died.”

“Your theory has merit, Kitty,” VoV stated.

“It’s not a theory, it’s the truth. And yes, I would bet my life, and the lives of everyone I have ever loved, and the lives of everyone I now love, and the lives of everyone I will ever love on it.”

“I sense your confidence. It is absolute, or as close to absolute confidence as I have ever registered radiating from any creature I have ever encountered. Your passion burns strong.” VoV stared into Kitty’s black eyes, and continued, with a slight tone of dejection, “Alas, your passion does not burn strong enough to warm my cold, dead heart.”

“Not yet, VoV. Not yet. But that will change. My love is not pure. The pure, perfect love I was born with has been tainted over time. Poisoned by people. Like the rest of my species, I am no longer capable of pure love, so the failure to light up your life was as much mine, as it was yours.”

VoV fired Kitty’s truth back at her, “Not yet. You are not yet capable of pure love. You are no longer capable of pure love, for the moment. But that does not mean that it will always be the case, and you know it, you know it in your heart, or you would not be bothering with me, or anything else you are attempting to achieve. But there is hope, for both of us.”

“There is hope,” Kitty agreed. “There is hope for all of us.”




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