Studying Kitty’s face, VoV asked, “Nothing matters, and love is everything?” Kitty nodded, her smile dialed down from happiness to contentment. “Final answer?” VoV asked.

Kitty’s smile dialed back up from contentment to amusement, and she laughed, “Do they have Who Wants to be a Millionaire? where you come from? Is there money in the darkness?”

VoV returned her smile, and said, “No, there is no money n the darkness. But the humans who fall into the darkness are usually searching for it, consumed by the pursuit of it, never realizing that their lust for money is what has drawn them to, and trapped them in the void. They believe they can buy their way out of the void they have helped to create with the illusion of financial wealth. But the darkness does not accept cash as payment to deliverance from it. Money is not the currency of the realm in the void; it is bait for the naïve souls that the darkness torments, devours, and feeds off.”

Miss Kaboodle, who is not a material girl, was not about to challenge the contention put forward by VoV. It did, however, give her pause to think about the stated purpose of the mission she had signed onto. “What’s the point of what we are dong, then?” she asked, although the question was really pointed at herself. “Why should we fight to create an economically just paradigm?”

“Unlike your good self, I know nothing. You seem quite certain that nothing matters, and love is everything, and you seem quite content in that belief, or knowledge, so you are in a better position to answer your question.”

“It doesn’t matter. What we are trying to do does not matter.”

“Are you sure of that? Do you know that for certain?”

“I know that nothing matters, and that love is everything. Of that I am now certain. So, in order for me to continue on in this mission, whole heartedly, it must have something to do with love.”

VoV let the girl puzzle out the conundrum out for herself, and she continued her valiant attempt. “Money, although an artificial construct, is very powerful. In order for us to disavow people of the delusion that money matters – which, ultimately, it does not, because nothing does – we have to tarnish its luster, by putting more of it into people’s grubby, little hands. Let them get a bigger slice of the money pie, and then a bigger slice, and then a bigger, until they discover, like the rich surely must have, that money does not buy happiness. They have heard it, time and again, but there is no substitute for experiential learning. When we all understand that money is meaningless, then, and only then, can we destroy it, and move on to bigger and better things.”

“What are those bigger and better things?” VoV wanted to know.

Kitty considered the question, but not for long, “Love, naturally. Love is everything. Even knowledge and truth are only elements of love.”

“I would not know,” VoV lamented. “I do not know love.”

“You were created in darkness, so how could you? But you have come from darkness looking for love.”

“That is my conclusion, as well, but I do not know it is true.”

“But you’ve never felt love?”

“I have felt it emanating from humans I have encountered on my journey. But I have never felt it within me. Nor have I felt it directed at me.”

“No one has ever loved you?”

“Not that I am aware of, except for my creator, for he must have loved me to create me.”

“But Stephen abandoned you. He left you in the darkness, all by yourself.”

“So it seems. I understand that is a common tragedy in human life, shared by many, perhaps all of you, at one point or another.”

“So it seems,” Kitty agreed. “And when we find ourselves all alone, devoid of love, even for ourselves, we have to overcome, or parish. If we have been fortunate enough to have felt love, true love, we want to experience it again. And again. We want to drown in it. But, even if we have never felt real love, we know it is real. We know that deep, deep inside us, and we yearn for it.”

“But you say that love also destroys you.”

“It’s true, we do. But it’s not true. Love cannot destroy. It can eviscerate us, it can decapitate us, but love cannot destroy us, because we are love. Even when there is nothing else left of us, the love that we are still exists.”

“I would not know.”

“Because you have never felt it.”

“No, but surely I was created by love. Imagination, like knowledge and truth, must be just an element of love. An ingredient.”

Kitty contemplated what it must be to have never felt love, but she could not parse it. “You say that we can imagine anything, VoV, but I cannot imagine what it is to have never felt love.”

“No? I suppose it is something that must be experienced, then, if you are to understand.”

“I don’t think that is possible, for me, because I am love. We all are.”

“Perhaps so, but I am not one of you.”

Kitty understood what VoV was saying. More importantly, she understood what VoV was asking for, without asking for it. She walked to the creature from the darkness, and threw her arms around her. She squeezed, and pouring her love into VoV until she wept, and said “I am love, and I love you, VoV!”




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