116 – KNOW?


VoV greeted the alarmed Miss Kaboodle with a simple, “Hello Kitty.”

“You scared the Hell out of me,” Kitty told VoV, trying to calm herself. “Where did you come from? You were not here when I was looking out of the tunnel.”

“I did not come from anywhere,” VoV told the girl. “There is no here, or there, where I come from. You are here, and then there, but like air, I am everywhere, even where there is no air.”

“Ah, fuck,” Kitty sighed, “First there is no time, now there is no place, no where, no here, no there. What the fuck?”

VoV let Kitty contemplate her own question for a while. Knowing that she had no answer, she said, “With your mind, you can be anywhere, at any time, correct? You can imagine. You can imagine you are a cavegirl, or a space girl. You can imagine you are a rock, or a bear. You can imagine you are, or are not, anything, because you can imagine anything. You were much better as it, when you were but a child, but you no longer access, and use those functions of your mind as frequently. The closest you ever get t that state is when you dream.”

Closing her eyes tight, Kitty tried to remember being a child. She could picture herself as she was, but she could not be as she was. She was about to tell VoV this, but she suddenly understood that VoV already understood.

Scrambling, Kitty’s conscious, logical mind demanded data to analyze, “So, you are imagination? You are imaginary?”

“I am as real as you are. But I was created by imagination. Do you remember, when you were a child, you believed the cartoon characters you saw on TV, or read about in a comic book, were real?”

“Yes. Yes, I do. Like Santa Claus.”

“Yes, like Santa Claus. I am Santa Claus. And Superman.”

“But… but Santa Claus and Superman are not real.”

“No? Nor I am, then. Yet, here I am, everywhere.”

Logic grappled with imagination in Kitty’s mind, and triumphed. “No. I know Santa Claus and Superman do not exist.”

“You know that, do you?” What else do you know?”

“I know a lot of things.”

“Do you? Do you really? Or do you imagine a lot of things. Do you simply imagine things so well that you are convinced that they are real, that you know them?”

Kitty had no answer, so VoV intervened. “Here’s a simple test for you. If a different entity, a different being, an omniscient force, were to ask you what you know, for sure, what would your answer be? Remember, this force is omniscient.”

As Kitty’s mind raced, trying to come up with a single thing that she knew, for sure, VoV added, “If you are correct, you can have anything you want. The omniscient force is also omnipotent. But, if you are wrong, everyone you love, everyone you have ever loved, everyone you ever will love, will die. You will have killed them. That is the bargain. That is the offer. That is the bet. That is the deal with the devil. That is the bet with your ego. What do you know, Kitty Kaboodle?”

The epiphany hit Kitty with the same intensity she experienced when she exited her mother’s womb, drew her fist breath, and beheld consciousness. And she reacted in the same way: she screamed, and cried. Kitty stood, shaking and screaming and crying underneath a 30 foot tall sculpture of a spider until she calmed down enough to smile at VoV and answer, “I know that nothing matters, and love is everything.”




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