“I see Crazy Daisy’s got you in good spirits,” Kitty said to Margot as they walked outside. Margot explained Daisy’s anti-vaccine vaccine stratagem, much to Kitty’s delight. “Wouldn’t you just love to see Trump endorsing the suppositories? It’s perfect; he already thinks the sun shines out of his ass. I’ve never met anyone quite like her.”

“I don’t think the world has ever seen anyone quite like Daisy,” said Margot. “I did her star charts once, and then checked the district health unit’s stats. We average around seven births per day in this district, and have for donkey years. But Daisy was the only soul brought into life on the day she was born. It’s as if some universal force commanded this part of the planet to stand still, and make room for the arrival of a singularly unique life force.”

“That’s fascinating.”

She’s fascinating. My son dated her for about a year. She’s a creature of the night. Stays up all night, most nights, with her cat, just thinking, and writing, and laughing.”

“She told me all about her kids book; What Shall we do with this Peanut Taco? It’s hilarious!”

“I didn’t know she’d written one, but I’m not surprised that she’s pumped out a wild one. She’s been writing poetry for as long as anyone can remember. The two of them would exchange stories in the morning. He would tell her about his dreams, and she would tell him about what had gone through her mind, when the sun was hiding from her. I remember him telling me, ‘There’s a sillysaurus living inside her head. He’s big, and purple, and has a long neck. And he just runs around all night, pulling levers and laughing.’”

“He must have stayed up with her some nights.”

“Yes, of course, and he never laughed more in his life. He told me that being alone, in her presence, through a night, especially a dark and stormy night, is similar to an acid trip.”

“They couldn’t make it last?”

“No. He loved her dearly. Still does, I think, but he keeps that to himself. She’s a wild thing. She comes from Where the Wild Things Are. I’m stunned that Max didn’t encounter her, when Sendak sent him on his voyage of discovery. But if he had, he’d never have come back. He’d have stayed with her forever and ever.

“Anyway, they really seemed to be made for each other, especially because my son’s name is Max, too.”

“So, what happened?”

“She’s a wild thing. Wild things can’t be tamed, as you surely know. She’s a free love hippie, and Max can’t deal with that. Most boys can’t.”

Kitty knew that Margot was warning her of the perils of attempting to lead a libertine lifestyle, while loving someone who is loyal, and sexually faithful, and had no desire to get into such a discussion, no matter how heartfelt it would be, so she moved the conversation along.

After telling her all Stephen had divulged about VoV, Kitty waited for Margot’s thoughts. “Did you tell him about how you felt in her presence?”

“Damn. No, I didn’t. I will. Or, you could ask him about your idea, that she absorbs, amplifies, and reflects what you’re feeling back at you. I don’t think he was holding that, or anything else back. He is getting old, and he refers to his mind as a massive, festering mess of looming dementia in his head. He’s said that couple times now, so he may be aware that his circuitry is starting to falter.”

“You’ll have to keep an eye open for such signs, Kitty. He’s a star in this circus of ours. If we’re the Flying Wallendas, one slip by any of us can bring us all crashing down.”

“Great analogy, ‘cause, like the Wallendas, we’re flying without a safety net.”

“Maybe, maybe not. VoV may be our safety net.”

Maybe,” Kitty replied, “but VoV may be out for vengeance. Maybe VoV has become an acronym for Vengeance only Vengeance. If so, VoV may not give a flying fuck if she brings the Flying Wallandas crashing down.”

Margot pondered what Kitty said, and asked, “Has Lance been told about VoV? He has as much rigt to revenge as VoV.”

“I told Madonna, and Stephen told Lance.”

“What were their reactions?”

“Madonna wasn’t concerned. But she did say that every deadbeat dog of a dad must have his day.”

“Interesting. And Lance?”

“He told me he wasn’t concerned, either. He didn’t say, and hasn’t said anything about avenging the abandonment of himself and his mother. But he did lay Stephen out flat, the moment they met. Stephen’s told Lance, a couple times, that he is ready to start that discussion, but Lance is blowing him off. He wants the old man to stew, before he gets a chance to plead his case, whatever that’s gonna amount to.”

“This has all the makings of a Shakespearean drama, Kitty.”

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

“Indeed. And now there are Three Witches on this stage.”

“Indeed here be, we witches three. And a boy, named Lear, who will be King.”

“Double double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

“And all the world our stage, yet we be merely players.”

“Indeed,” agreed Margot. “So, what madman is writing this dramedy?”

“And for what purpose?”

Margot shuddered, then broke into a smile, and said, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

Kitty grinned, and completed the chapter by saying, “Turn the page!”




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