Although she loved Margot’s Sinderella idea, Madonna had a couple suggestions, “I don’t think you should limit the Sinderella TV idea to a half hour. I think you need to include interviews with the performers. I want to get to know something about them, as soon as I’m exposed to their talents. And I’ll also want to see a selection of the fashion that’s on display. No need to interview people who are looking fabulous, but I do want to feast my eyes on them. And, if I may, I think you should have four stars performing at the first event, instead of unknowns, just to draw public attention.”

“Yes, all good ideas,” Margot admitted. “Obviously, none of this can happen until it’s safe, so it will be a side project. Would you be willing to perform at the first Sinderalla?”

“Absolutely. And, if you land Lily and Elton to host Love and Nothing but Love, I’m sure they would be happy to join me. Just say who else you want, and I will ask them, and introduce you.”

“Wow! This is so crazy,” said Margot. “Maybe Macca? Or Adele?”

“Yeah, good choices. Actually, since they’re both Brits, I’ll stand aside. They’d also make great hosts for the show. If it all comes off, maybe you’d be good enough to let me perform at the first Sinderella stateside.”

Feeling playful, Margot said, “I guess I could look at an audition vid, to see what you can do.” Madonna laughed, and Margot added, “I would just die if you would do Future Lovers I Feel Love! Maybe with the Blue Man Group”

“Excellent idea, “Madge said. “I’d love to work with them. I saw them in Istanbul, a couple years ago. Amazing show. They just kill I Feel Love, with Venus Hum. I can see it all, but maybe with me singing the Future Lovers part of it, with Donna Summer doing the I Fell Love part. It is her song, after all.”

“Good golly, Miss Molly, that’s so exciting! Quick! Someone pinch me,” Margot gushed.

“Okay, it’s all fantastic, but you have a lot of work to do before we get anywhere near there,” Madonna pointed out. “So let’s not get too caught up in it all, just yet.”

“Oh, I understand,” Margot assured the Queen of Pop. “Sinderella is dessert, but we all love us some dessert.”

“Do you know who you’d want as a guest for the first Love and Nothing but Love?” Stephen asked Margot.

“Well, Madonna is rigt about opening with a bang. Four stars on the first episode of Sinderella TV will hook millions of viewers. Go big, or go home, rigt? So, yes, I know exactly who I want for the first episode of Love and Nothing but Love. But, it’s not gonna be easy to get him. Or her.”

“You know who you want, but you don’t know if it’s a male or a female?” asked Stephen.

“Yes. That’s why it will not be easy to get him, or her. Not even with all your contacts,” Margot said, nodding and Madge and Stephen. “Everyone knows this star, but no one knows who it is.”

“I know who it is,” declared Kitty.

“Do you?” asked Madonna.

“Don’t you?” retorted Kitty.

“No. Who is it?” Madonna wanted to know.

Smiling, first at Margot, then at everyone else, Kitty said, “Banksy.” Margot grinned and nodded her confirmation.

“Wow!” Madonna exclaimed. “That’s brilliant. You land Banksy and all of Britain will be watching. And tens of millions of others around the world, especially the art world, which has to be a big part of the target audience. But that’s not gonna be easy. No one knows who Banksy is. You may as well have said you want the Queen to be your first guest.”

“She’s actually my second choice,” said Margot, with a smirk.

Madonna roared laughter, “I’m sure Lizzy will be thrilled to know she’s playing second fiddle to Banksy. But how are you gonna get Banksy? No one knows who he is.”

“He or she,” repeated Margot, “but you’re wrong. Obviously, some people know who Banksy is. And I think I know someone who does.”

“Who dat?” asked Kitty.

“Julie Burchill,” Margot answered.

“Who dat?” Kitty asked again.

“She’s so nasty,” Madonna opined.

“She’s brilliant,” said Stephen. Looking at Lance, he said, “Burchill is almost a modern day Dorothy Parker, but as Madonna says, she’s so nasty.”

“How are you gonna get to Burchill?” Madonna wanted to know. “I imagine I can find someone who knows her well enough to ask for a meeting, but I doubt she’d accept, especially if she knows you’re trying to get to Banksy.”

Margot grinned a knowing grin, and assured Madonna, “No need to trouble your friends. I’ve been backing Burchill, on Patreon, for a few years. She uses a no de plume, but I know it’s her. I think I can arrange an audience on my own, just by offering to pay her a couple thousand quid for the honour of buying her lunch. And here’s something else; I think Burchill is Banksy. Why does everyone seem to assume that Banksy is a guy? It would be so Burchill to make people think that, when it’s really her.”

“Fascinating theory,” said Stephen, “and not a stretch to imagine, either. Good luck with that.”

“Thank you,” Margot nodded.

“But, if I may,” said Stephen, “we have some other business to take care of. Since we all now know where we are going, we need to know how we are getting there. And the Hanson brothers tell me that you not only know of the tunnel, but how to get to it, and maybe even something about how it works. Is that true?”




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