The brothers who were going to bankroll Margot’s love juggernaut were eager to hear what the others thought of her embryonic plan, but Stephen wanted to know what they thought. Turning to address the grinning trio, he grinned back at them, and said, “It’s a bit hard to take the three of you seriously in those costumes, but I know you are serious about this, or you wouldn’t be backing it with the kinda serious money you are, but tell me, what you think of it, please.”

Once again Marc and Jordan deferred to Eric the elder, who answered, “We’re all about it. We’re all in. We spoke with our families, and it was unanimous. We know Margot, we all love her, we know where she is coming from, we believe she knows where she is going with this, and why, and we have one hundred percent confidence that she will get ‘er done.” But Eric wanted to know, “What do you think, coach?”

Putting his hands together in front of himself to signify that he was either praying, or praising, in this case praising, Stephen bowed quickly to Margot, and answered, “It’s nothing less than brilliant. I think the British networks will start a bidding war for the rigts to broadcast it. I think it will command large licensing fees from networks around the world to produce their own versions. I think sponsors will line up and throw money at you to connect themselves to it. I think celebs will line up around the block to be guests. I think it should be called, Love and Nothing but Love.  I think it will drive legions of people to Love School, so they can actually participate, instead of just watching. I think it will make the world a better place.”

The few people that Margot had spoken to about the idea had all said much the same, but to hear it from a bona fide literary superstar thrilled her. “Thank you,” she said. But she wanted a woman’s opinion, so she asked, “Madonna? What do you think?”

Like Stephen before her, Madonna bowed down to Margot before speaking. “First of all, I agree with everything Stephen said. You have a smash hit on your hands. With apologies to those of us who are afflicted with the Y chromosome, I believe only a woman could come up with what you’ve come up with, and only a woman can passionately lord over it to ensure that no man will stick his dick into it, and fuck it up.”

“Hear, hear!” said Kitty.

“Do you already have prospective hosts in mind?” Madonna asked, hopefully.

“I do,” Margot admitted. “I think they have to be Brits. I think Lily Allen would make the perfect hostess.”

“She’s so witty!” Madonna said. “I couldn’t agree more. Lily will make sure the show is a laugh a minute. And her co-host?”

“Well, Lily is young, and straight, so I think the perfect counter balance would be Elton John.”

“Perfect!” Madonna exclaimed. “I’ll hook you up with him.”

“Yeah? Thank you! I’m a huge fan,” Margot said. “I’ll do my best to not make a fool of myself when I meet him.” Thunder Babe wanted to know what the kids thought, so she turned to Miss Kaboodle, and asked, “Kitty? What do you think?”

Following suit, Kitty bowed down to Margot, before saying. “I agree with everything the King of Horror, and the Queen of Pop say. I do wonder how the school, and the show were not created long ago, but never mind that. I don’t wanna pick a generational fight. I think both will be huge with our generation,” she added, pointing quickly at Lance. “On a tangential note, Spain has announced that they will be the first country to bring in universal basic income. When we come out of this, millions upon millions of jobs will be destroyed all around the world by the tech revolution that will come from massive investments into existing companies, and new start-ups. So, a lot of people will have a lot of time on their hands. What better way to fill that time than by studying love? I can see the show generating so much money, and there being so much demand for Love School, that you’ll be able to create entire campuses dedicated exclusively to Love School, instead of having to use pubs. And I think that, if new generations can immerse themselves in love, and let love guide their actions, we will solve so many of our problems, and take a great evolutionary leap forward. So, thank you for this. Thank you so, so much.” Turning to the Staals, Kitty bowed down to them, and said, “And thank you, you pack of pretty puckheads! Thank you for finding this Goddess. Thank you for believing in her. And thank you for bringing us together.”

Marc looked at his brothers and cracked, “I think pretty Kitty likes us, guys!”

“I do! I do! I love you guys,” Kitty gushed, setting off a flurry of similar praise from the others, until the puckheads were actually blushing.

When the commotion died down, Margot turned to the boy who would be King, and asked, “What about you, Lance? What do you think?”

As the others had done, Lance bowed down to Margot, did the same to the brothers, and said, “I want t be the first student to enroll!” setting off yet more mirth. “Seriously, I do!”

“Admission granted,” Margot announced.

Lance came back, saying, “I think you’re not only gonna teach people love, you’re gonna create love. I think there’s gonna be a whole lotta love happening after classes are dismissed, if you take my meaning. I think you’re gonna ignite more romances than cupid ever has.”

“That’s very interesting,” Margot smiled. “Yes, I have imagined that myself. And I’ve come up with another idea, an event, a twist on a classic fairy tale, one that has enchanted girls since it was written in 1697.”

“Sixteen ninety seven, you say?” said the senior wordsmith in the room.

“You know, don’t you?” Margot smiled.

“I do, I do,” confirmed King. “Cinderella.”

“Yes,” Margot confirmed. “But I spell it with an S. Sinderella. It will be the hottest ticket in London, when we wrestle this virus into submission. And it will spread all around the world, along with the school, and the show.”




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