“I have two working titles for the show, but I’m not thrilled with either of them, so maybe you,” Margot said, looking at Stephen, “can conjure something better. The first is, L is for Love, the other is, Love and Nothing but Love.”

Stephen responded immediately, “I like Love and Nothing but Love,” but I will let it rattle around in my head, and see if something more magical comes out, once we hear the idea.”

“Yes, of course. It’s not really all that original, so be prepared to not be wowed” Margot cautioned. “It’s a basic TV magazine format. Short pieces up front, followed by a long feature. One hour. Weekly, at least to start, but it could become a daily. The only subject discussed is love. Not just romantic love, but every kind of love. Spiritual love, family love, love of animals, self love, love, love, love, and nothing but love.  There are two hosts. One male, one female.”

Madonna immediately cast herself in the role of the female host, but refrained from saying so, not wanting to rudely and selfishly interrupt, and Margot continued.

“The show opens not with a theme song, but with a well known love song; take your pick, there are plenty of them.” Madonna instantly started making a top then list of her own greatest hit love songs, but refrained from saying so, not wanting to rudely and selfishly interrupt, and Margot continued.

“If the composer and/or performer of the song is still alive, they are interviewed, either live in studio, or taped wherever they are, about the song.

“It probably wouldn’t be rigt to play the whole song, because that would eat up a good chunk of the show’s 42 minutes. But the song would play when going into, and coming out of all commercial breaks, and again at the end of the show.

“The second segment is called looking for love, in which our roving correspondent wanders the world, and sends back stories of love. When I put this into a written pitch for the guys, I included a story from the UK, about a mother who brought her child to life by hugging it for two hours, after it had been pronounced dead at birth.  There’s another one, from Germany, about how computer geeks are learning to flirt. And one from Japan, about an annual ritual that has husbands enthusiastically, and sometimes quite comically declaring their love for their wives in public, on a stage, in front of a large crowd. And I also included one, I don’t recall where it was set, at the moment, but it’s a beautiful story of interspecies love between an elephant…”

“And a dog!” Madonna laughed, unable to contain her glee. “I saw it. It’s so beautiful! It’s from a sanctuary for rescued circus elephants, in Tennessee. They are inseparable!  The dog got injured, and was kept inside for weeks. The elephant stood at the window the whole time, waiting for her friend, willing her to get better. Loving her. And when it was okay, the human brought the dog out to see the elephant, and the love was just pouring through the screen, into my living room. I cried. I honestly wept. Fantastic story!”

Margot concurred, “Yes, it is, and the world is full of stories just like it, and our world roving correspondent will bring them to us every show.”

“It amazing,” Madonna gushed. “What else?”

“From there, we move into the serious side of love – science and psychology,” said Margot. “In my written pitch, I included a story about how sniffing love hormones can help you get over grief, and another about how love can make you live longer.

“Next, we move on to stories of extraordinary ordinary love. The one I used in the pitch was about a couple of teenage lovers who lost, and then found each other again… after sixty years. They fell in love with each other all over, after sixty years. Can you imagine?”

“Stephen?” Madge asked. “Can you imagine?” Who would it be?”

Stephen smirked smugly, and said, “Oh, my. Who would it be? There were so many. You know what I mean, don’t you, honey?”

Everyone laughed, but Madonna refused to play the game. “I’m sorry, Margot, I just can’t help myself. This is so good! Please, carry on, but I’ve already awarded you a bushel of Emmys in my mind.”

Grinning, Margot got on with the show. “Okay, that’s the first half of the show. The second half is dead simple. Straight up interviews with one celebrity. All they talk about I love. What they have learned about love, what they think they still need to learn about love, love, love, and nothing but love.

“The guest can pick the love song of the week. The guest can bring a loved one with them, human or animal.  The guests can come from the worlds of film, TV, music, politics, sports, business, science… anywhere, so long as they have something to teach people about love, so long as they have some love to share with the world.”

Absolutely beaming, Margot, the gal the brothers Staal call Thunder Babe, concluded by saying, “In a nutshell, that’s it,” and asking, “What do you think?”




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