“London’s a very expensive city, as you know,” Madge said to Margot. “You can go through seven and a half million very quickly, if you’re not careful.”

“Oh, I don’t plan to spend anywhere close to a million bucks. Honestly, I think it would be hard to do drop seven figures on this,” Margot retorted. “The bulk of the money will likely go to bankrolling people to spread around the planet, starting Love School wherever they go.

“Now, I’m talking purely about in-person Love School. I am still trying to wrap my head around cyber Love School, but here’s where I was with it in my head, when the guys came to me with this incredible challenge slash offer.

“Even before the virus struck, pubs were going out of business across the UK almost daily. My idea was to approach those that were still in business, and had function rooms above or below the main bar. I would offer to fill one of them with fifty people, five nights per week, fifty weeks of the year. The students would eat and drink an average of twenty quid per, for a thousand quid per night, between seven and ten pm. That’s a quarter million pounds per year for the pub. Not bad for a room that would otherwise be sitting empty.”

“Where, exactly,” asked Madge.

“Somewhere central, zone one. No shortage of empty function rooms there, last time I checked. And in-person Love School may well start that way, but I suspect that by the time we actually get there, cyber Love School will be so in demand that we’ll be absolutely flooded.”

“How popular do you think Love School will be?” asked Stephen. “I can see it being enormously popular.”

“Going back to in-person Love School, I followed Yale’s happiness course. They had 1200 students register for the class as soon as it was offered. That’s almost a quarter of the student body. It is, by far, the most popular course offered in Yale’s three hundred year history.

“So, when we get to that stage, the easiest thing to do might simply be to tell all those empty pubs to open their own Love School in their function rooms. We give them the basic structure, and there’s very little of that anyway, and get out of the way.

“Yale’s happiness class has been so popular that they are now offering it online, for free. You’ll love this; as of a couple days ago, 1.5 million people have registered. So, when cyber Love School rolls out, and spreads around the world, we might break the Internet.”

“You really could go through that seven and half million pretty quickly, then,” Stephen cautioned.

“No. Even if we offer it for free, we can cover the costs, and more, by tweaking the idea for TV,” the love guru with the plan assured her captive audience.

Madonna, who remained enthralled, had one word for that, “Explain.”

Margot smiled, and replied, “Wow! It took you three seconds. I thought you’d never ask!”




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